Fun at the Mall

I found myself at the mall this afternoon with some time to kill while waiting for a few shirts to be put together. An hour wait? Get real ShirtWorks. I found some entertaining things; J P has a whole line of cell phone antenna charms at the Verizon kiosk. Sgt. Tim enjoys chili and bread bowls.

On to the pics. While enjoying a regular combo at Famous Wok (props on the name) I noticed this rock star food court pimpin. The poor burrito shop employee was taking some serious passes from an athletic chap from Foot Locker…bellied up to the ol’ burrito bar.
~Tip: change, then spit game.


Scene two. Tom Green and Andy Dick are two comedians that I absolutely fucking hate. Tom Green did have a skit on his short-lived MTV show that was hilarious, involving a megaphone and a woman dressed in purple. That popped into my head as a purple sweatshirt/sweatpants combo strolled past me…almost distracting me from the gentleman behind her, wearing a striking navy blue sweatshirt/sweatpants combo.
~”Just doin’ a little shoppin’. In my sweats. I wonder if they sell sweats in this mall?”


I love the mall.

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