Fat Tuesday Goings On

Since Grif and I rule, we decided to spend last night in Livingston for a dose of amateur boxing. We have been frequenting the Tuesday Night Fights in Bozeman, and figured that we may as well head over the pass to see what the deal was. We were happy to see that Right on John and Gino had made the trip as well. Photos of those to soon, I promise. Until then, feel free to check out Right on John’s Website. It’s awesome, and you are welcome for the traffic.

I attempted to capture the essence of a girl fight in my cell phone’s awesome resolution…

…I promise you that it is crazy. The Ragin’ Asian beat the chubby girl if anybody cares.

That about sums that up, aside from the wonderful drive over the pass at a rate of twenty miles per hour. Blinding blizzards rule. We followed a Coke semi with it’s blinkers on…my bet is that Kyle’s knuckles are still pretty white.

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