Legionimite Madness

Holy moly. March Mustache Madness has thus far been completely mad. Cases in point:
B.O.Beezie went for the Larry Bird ‘stache, again. I, again, went gunslinger. We both look creepy…MMM success stories. I cannot express my teenage girl giddyness to see Grif, aka Justin Justache, show up sporting his “I drive a sedan but easily could own a van” look. Keep your fingers crossed.

Also of note…Bouncer J-Rod is in town. Cue the montage.

The night starts with a healthy dose of beer pong at the Dirty Leeg…the relatively new Thursday night fare.
A fight ensues. Jarod finds himself on his back on the not-so-clean Legion tiled floor, and upon my lax allowing of both him and Spence the go ahead to finish their fight, thereafter on the not-so-comfortable sidewalk in front of the Legion. That was one horrible sentence; I apologize. The outcome is the first bloodshed at the bar from my former security cohort.
Cleaned up and ready to go…all is well that ends well, aside from one broken promise to his future wife regarding drunken fighting in MT. I have no reason to believe that she will check the b blog, but will apologize in advance for the aggressive hand work in this final pic.
I am ready for April already. Happy trails everybody.

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