Case of the Moondays

I am going to asterisk this post. Love those asterisks.

*I woke up to eight inches of wet snow stretching out the SS’s bed cover. Not only will this keep us out of work for a few days, it will keep things sloppy for a week

*Christi from Penor y Associates dropped a multi-hundred dollar bomb on ASI. We will see…my second favorite Eve thinks I may be able to take this bullshit on in house.

*The North Side Nine (Chicago Cubs, asses) lost to the Reds. Moreover, the Tribune Company announced that they will sell the franchise at the end of the season…for a profit nearing 680 million dollars. It looks like this guy had better sign a contract while the club has money. Go Zambrano, even though you let Dunn hit two monster shots this afternoon.

*I am ninety percent sure that I am developing an intolerance to lactose.

*I cannot beat the hot chick on Tiger Woods ’07 for Wii. It is however a skins match, which makes me smile.

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