November Update

It has been a while since I have posted anything with any real content. In short, everybody I know and I are all a bunch of retards. Or nerds


Grif made it back from Argentina. He is pissed; his XBox 360 is in a repair shop somewhere down in Texas, and he still has a pocket full of Pesos. Hang in there big guy.

Bouncer B.O.B. is attempting to figure out his health status. It is worse than dealing with a newly pubescent child… he waivers from thinking that he is hyper to hypoglycemic. The doctor once again categorized him as morbidly obese, and I love that.

Tony and Jenna got back from their Jamaican honeymoon. It was all inclusive, which apparently meant to those two that drinking at ten in the morning was completely acceptable. All week. There was still time for a whole gang of corny assed pictures, check out Jenna’s Facebook account if you have one.

Big Josh and Cock Deisel are moonlighting their moonlighting jobs at 317 down the street. We still have red oil paint everywhere in the Dirty Leeg from CD’s Halloween costume: some dude from a computer game…AKA a reason to go shirtless. Josh is under the microscope for punching a girl, which apparently is defined by not letting her into the bar after getting called some choice words. He has not punched anyone, male or female, in a while surprisingly enough.

My girlf Katie and her boyf Nichole are doing just fine. Kate has her nose in the accounting books again for the next portion of the CPA exam; Nichole is likely eating chicken strips and doing nurse stuff in Billings. Hi Nicole.

Dave is winding down the Morrison Design and Landscaping season and waiting for the snow to fly. He bought another truck and extended his plowing business by quite a lot over last year. He drank a shit ton of Miller Lites last weekend at the Bobcat game, and told his wife that he would never talk to her again. He also has a new (female) pug named Glen.

Every single Eve is now accounting. Every single one.

Chuck Chizzla has a new job at the Gallatin River Lodge. Cookin up the food, man. He recently recieved a gift from a contractor buddy of ours…two fucking scooters. One was used as a parts scooter, the other is Chuck’s new ride. It reportedly goes 20 mph, and kicks a lot of ass.

Johnny B. still spends way too much time at Specs. He managed to wipe the well out during a towel fight with a bartender last week, and moreover, was too cocked to remember which waitress it was. Pendleton’s is a hell of a whiskey.

I am posting this update from the SUB…after seven on a Tuesday. If you told me I would be studying physics at this hour four years ago I would have punched you in the throat. I am still pricing out grilz, looking into a vaykay, dealing with idiot drunks, playing my Wii, practicing my air guitar, and doing whatever awesome stuff I usually do.

Cubs in ’08.

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