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A common stove problem is infinite switch. This could be found at the back of the control panel. This switch could be easily replaced, it is usually found at the burner stem. You can apply DIY method to repair your stove. When you are applying this method and you are uncertain of anything along the line, do not hesitate to reach out to the stove technician.
However, stove is simple to maintain and if it is properly taken care of, it will improve its longevity. Another way round is for you to be out of stove problem that could come your way, check the power supply and ensure that power enters the stove from your home power supply. When is using fuses and it blown off, it is very important to replace it in order not to cause any further problem for your stove and your entire house. Start by checking the breaker box in case the materials are much secured but if the problem is from the breaker box, it is advisable to open the stove and check the panel from the back. Then, replace any of the fuse that blown out. Stove is pretty good to use if it is properly maintained.

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