Gold! FTW!

What do Glenn Beck, Dennis Miller, and Dr. Laura and I all have in common? An opportunity to tell our followers about Goldline, that’s what. I bet Glenn’s going rate is significantly higher than mine, but I’ll gladly join that roster…you would be a fool not to take an opportunity to promote a good thing, like gold.

Oh, Canadahhhh

If I was a smarter man, I would have jumped on the gold bandwagon before it hit four-figure prices. My grandpa had a stash of gold coins…I’m not exactly sure why the Boomers collected gold as a savings strategy, yet the subsequent generations seem to have forgotten about gold until recently. With my mutual funds absolutely taking beatings, (down nearly the price of an oz of gold last month alone) I think the smart thing to do is to purchase something of physical value.

The biggest question that I had was that of “where do you buy gold?” With Edward Jones offices on every other block, buying mutual funds is a snap. The downfall with that method of retirement planning and/or savings is the overhead. How do they keep the lights on in those 50×20 strip mall offices and their suit dresses so nicely pressed? Overhead. They take their cut before it even sees the fund…sometimes to a ridiculous extent.

Easy. Goldline makes it easy to buy gold online. Very easy…hit the link to see. They have a ticker displaying the daily spot prices…makes it easy to see how much better your gold is retaining its value compared to your stocks. Pretty slick

Mark my words…I’ll have a stack of gold pigeon-holed before 2010 is out. It really seems like the logical thing to do.

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