Joe Swanson? I beg to differ.

I have previously been asked (most often by the same dipshit girl at Wells Fargo) if I knew Joe Swanson, the cop. Nope. Great name, but I’ve never met the guy.

That said, it still looks weird seeing this in the Chronicle….with perhaps the most clumsy headline of all time…

I hope that is a Linux box, Joe

In Bizarro World, I suppose I am a cop. Like cop Joe Swanson, programmer Joe Swanson often rides dirty with a laptop and tactical shotgun. Cop Joe Swanson has a speed detector; programmer Joe Swanson has a speed detector detector. Cop Joe Swanson rolls with a Glock 40; (citation needed) programmer Joe Swanson rolls with a Glock 45.

I win. I always do.

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