PS3 Move | PiiMote?

Sony has finally made a solid attempt to bridge the gap between the BluRay/Media Center/FPS beast that is the PS3 and the Wii’s uber-user-friendly-out-of-the-box gaming experience. Introducing the PlayStation Move —>

looks a lot like...
looks a lot like...

From CNET:

San Francisco, California (CNET) — On Wednesday, Sony unveiled Move, its motion-sensitive controller.

A small device that looks like a microphone — but with something on top of it that looks like a ping pong ball with an LED inside — Move is Sony’s bid to gain control over the motion controller wars that are currently led by Nintendo, with its Wii controller, and which many think will be dominated by Microsoft and its Project Natal controller system.

Among the types of games Move will work with include those that involve swords, bows and arrows, guns, punching and much more. The idea is that Move will provide players with a realistic and precise feeling of holding whatever kind of thing the game calls for, be it a sword or a gun.

Further, the controller comes with its own accessory, known as a sub-controller, which will accentuate what’s possible with Move. And later this year, the forthcoming game SOCOM 4 will incorporate both Move and the sub-controller

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