Fast Cash

broke as a joke
Monopol-bot is broke
Broke as a joke?
If you need some cash in a pinch, you have several options:

~ Hit a payday advance joint (and get nailed w/ a generous fee)
~ Write a bad check (overdraft fee != good)
~ Cash advance the ol’ credit card (and pay a ridiculous finance rate)
~ Knock off a convenience store (insert your own soap-on-a-rope joke here)

Or alternatively, you could hit, and get some loot the easy way….the easy and confidential way.

MyCashGo is pretty sweet. Everything is directly spelled out…no hidden fees, no need of perfect credit, no direct deposit…basically, they get you cash in a hurry. Plain and simple. Hit the above link to test it out…they give instant approval, so you could be up and rolling in no time. FWIW, they have 50% off for new customers, so you got that going, too. Which is nice.

***Of course, you could write paid blog posts (like this) for some loot. Trust me, it is far less lucrative than it seems 🙁

***Also of note, MyCashGo doesn’t require any faxing of info. I propose all fax machine use be discontinued, in general. So 1992. 🙁

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