Have you ever wished that there existed a fruit that looked like a strawberry, only white, and tasted like a pineapple? Here you go, you sick weird-fruit-wanting-son-of-a-bitch.

nomnomnom indeed

Per DailyMail:

Seeing their juicy red flesh in the shops is a sign that summer is on its way.

But this year your strawberries could be as white as the cream poured over them, after a new variety went on sale today.

The pineberry is said to combine the shape and texture of a strawberry with a flavour and smell closer to that of a pineapple.

They join other unusual recently introduced fruits such as the strasberry, which looks like a cross between a strawberry and a raspberry.

Grown in glasshouses, the pineberry – as they have been dubbed for the British market – starts off green, gradually turning paler as it ripens.

When it is sweet and juicy enough to eat, the flesh is almost completely white but studded with red seeds.

Waitrose fruit buyer Nicki Baggott said: ‘Pineberries offer our customers the chance to add a new fruit into their diet, and the berry’s bright appearance can add an unusual decoration to sweet dishes.

Okay, dudes. New fruit. Niiiice. I think I’ll stick with my standard go-to, the coffee bean. Do whatever you want, though.

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