Insurance Musings

From time to time I will gripe about my job. Especially when the coffee maker is down for the third consecutive week. Sad Panda. Regardless, we have a tremendous benefits package, with profit share Group Health Insurance, 401K…we even have a gym in the basement. And yes, you know I’m all over the mirror curls.

When I was running my S-Corp, playing in the dirt putting in irrigation systems, I had to deal with health insurance the dirty way. I had the most minimal Blue Cross Blue Shield plan that money could buy. Or that ninety bucks a month could buy, more precisely. It was, in effect, a detrimental plan of sorts…I never had a claim, since I would pay 80% out of pocket. No dental; no vision. I basically could sleep well at night, knowing that I wouldn’t go bankrupt if I rolled a skid-steer and was seriously injured. Now that I’m set up with both health and Life Insurance, I have far less to worry about.

That said, jobs come and go. Situations change. One minute, you could be writing paid posts like this…the next you could be looking for work elsewhere. When that is the case, it becomes far more important to pay attention and do your homework regarding the all important Health Insurance Quote. It seems like everyone and their dog is peddling insurance these days, so diligence pays off in this realm. Pay attention, and get a plan that will cover yourself.

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