Gangster 101: LED Taillights

I can speak with some gusto here. Gangster 101: LED Taillights. Break that down…Gangster, 3 digit number, (coincidentally, binary…for the math win) electrical engineering, and automotive. Step up! Better yet, Step Up 2, to the Streets! We’re getting all sorts of math gangster whip on this mamma jamma…

ghost-ride the whip | ghost-ride the whip

Silverados are sick…Silverados with led tail lights are far sicker. Far, far sicker.

I would know. As an owner of two GMC/Chevy vehicles, I know a thing of two about ill rides. My SS…ill as a polio victim. My Yukon…ill as a malaria victim.

Poor analogies, but required to get my point across.

It seems like only yesterday that I bought the Silverado SS. Twenty inch rims, before twenty inch rims were cool. Well, maybe not before they were cool, but most definately before twenties were common. Oh…the good ol’ days. On a side note, also the days of car loans. Don’t miss those days at all.

In a round about way, let me say that I started rocking the second gangster whip after rolling around in a whip with some gangster potential. Some gangter potential, to say the very least. The Yukon became very, very gangster after buying new rims and tires on craigslist, for less cost than tires themselves. Gangser, a la ballin on a mamma jammin budget!

Once I magaged to get the rim situation squared away, lights were the next to go. Why go bulb, incandescent stee-lo? Nope. LED is the way to go.

Light emitting diode. Like the Arduino. For what it is worth, LEDs are the only thing I have mastered on the Arduino…save that thought for a different post, however. LEDs suck far less juice, look far better, and last far longer. Pretty much a win win win situation.

That would be FTWWW, if anyone is keeping count.

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