Time is of the Essence. Indeed.

With my wedding day quickly approaching, so are my days of coming up with anniversary gifts…like it or not. While other days are more self-explanatory, (Valentine’s Day flowers, St. Patrick’s Day Guinness Stout, et. al.) I am at a loss when it comes to the whole anniversary thing. I’m fairly certain that wood, coal, paper, and whatever else is mandated by wive’s tale is not going to cut it in the ol’ Swantron household…what am I to do?

Got it…watches. It works both ways! Check out this bad-boy…

citizen watch
elegant, sleek...awesome

Pretty sure Katie would love to see me in a Citizen Eco Drive like that. Classy.

The nerd slash 3rd grader in me would totally go for something more this flavor…

10:58.50 = party time

Tons of buttons…I like it. Plus, it has a “comp” button. Whatever that does, I approve.

So maybe, I should refine this whole thing by saying a watch would be great for me. More diamonds for my bride-to-be. Either way, I want that Casio.

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