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Times are tough. Tougher than stale beef jerky…and believe you me, homie, that is some tough stuff. Last year saw nearly 4 million foreclosure filings. December 2009 showed a 15 percent increase in filings from December 2008…which itself was no ‘smooth sailing’ time in the ‘being able to pay the bills’ game.

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What’s a guy to do? What is the alternative to throwing in the towel? Write paid blog posts like this? Hardly.

Introducing Home Loan Modification.

Well, the government has made it easier to stay in your house. Say what you will about them, but they did something correctly here. The Making Home Affordable program, oddly refered to as HAMP, might be your answer. Meet some criteria (primary residence, under $729,750 mortgage, and at least a year old) and you are ready to roll.

How do you do this?

With the help of American Residential Law Group. That’s how. Getting an attorney is going to be key in this process. Said attorney will act as the negotiator between the lender agent and the holder of the loan. Speedier process, better results. Plus, an attorney can help you whip out the hardship letter, and advise you how to hit the 31% of gross mark that a healthy mortgage targets.

Don’t foreclose…hit one of those links and save yourself some trouble.

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