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Consider this my official heads-up to the drivers in Southwestern Montana: I am practically blind behind the wheel. Especially right around dusk…something about the indirect light makes my eyes tired to the point where everything is a blurry mess. Not good.

Welcome to my thirties, I guess. Turns out I am badly in need of some eyeglasses…and none too pleased.

My first thought was to get some contacts. Hide the fact, so to speak, that I am ageing. But then I start thinking about it…I really don’t need correction at work. I also don’t need help when I read…so why not just bite the bullet and get some eyeglasses, that I could toss in the car? Here is why. I absolutely destroy sunglasses. If I have glasses that I wear ‘on occasion,’ I will get only a few occasions to wear them before they are either lost or scratched to bejesus. Same goes for my cell phones, but I digress.

So, looking at the mall and at Costco, it turns out that eyeglasses are break-the-bank pricey. Enter stage left…Zenni Optical. Check the price on this guy…

$8.00? Cheaper than lunch.

As my caption so nicely states, that is cheaper than lunch at the danged deli. For good looking frames, to boot. Eight bucks is for the pure prescription lens, but they also offer bifocals, progressives, you name it. For dirt cheap. Problem solved, the problem being my need for several pairs of specs. I could grab an armful of these for less than the price of one pair at the mall, and therein have a pair in the SS, Yukon, Kate’s Camry, the living room, work, etc.

Plus, for eight bucks, I could have a next year’s Halloween costume knocked out…

great balls of fire
Goodness Gracious

Buddy Holly baby. Or the guy from Major League played by Charlie Sheen. Decisions decisions.

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