Ringtone Mania

There is no hiding the fact that I’m a tech guy. With tech guy comes cell phone guy, and with cell phone guy comes cell phone accessories guy. Apps, schmapps…let’s kick it dirty with some ringtones!

Let it be known that I am still an incredible hip-hop-head. The last thing I want is a girlie-haired guitar balladeer high singing to me that someone is trying to contact me. That sounds more miserable than dodging a call on vibrate. So bad.

In order to better illustrate the point I’m trying to make, let me introduce jay – z as a robot:

they call me Rob...r to the o b


Here is the run-down. Or, in hip-hop speak, the ‘haps.’ Every possible situation I could imagine encountering could be made better with a Jay-Z ringtone. Peep these haps.

Call from work — It’s a Hard Knock Life. Instead of treated, we get tricked…instead of kisses, we get kicked.
Call from Kate — 99 Problems. I do in fact have 99 problems, but a b ain’t one.
Call from parents — New York State of Mind. I bet they would like some Alicia Keys. She sings nicely.
Call from Zig — Money Ain’t a Thing. He is always broke as a joke.

See? Awesome. Young Hov would approve.

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