4th of July Flags

I really wish I had a boat. There is not much that fills me with a sense of Americana than seeing an old wooden boat flying the Stars and Stripes. I’m not certain what it is about US Flags on boats, but it is pretty awesome.

To a lesser degree, I take great pride in seeing American Flags on front porches. The good old Red White and Blue almost chokes me up…so too (to a lesser extent) do car flags, but that is a topic for later discussion.

so heroic

I’d love nothing more, than to be out on Fort Peck or Canyon Ferry on a boat of some nature, cruising along with a flag cracking in the breeze. I could easily afford a Jet Ski, but the whole flag effect would be diminished. Maybe jury rig a car flag onto the handle bars of an old stand-up machine…doesn’t really have the same effect or street credibility as you can exude if you are a boat owner.

Our plans for this Fourth are still yet undecided. You had better believe that I will have a flag next to the Bell camper, and a cooler full of tasty OML. Maybe a few hot dogs…if there is room.

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