Watch This…aka Clock Talk

So there I find myself, shopping for watches. Granted, my cellphone has been my primary time keeping device for well over a decade, but every once in a while I find myself looking to accesorize. Watches, why not? Don’t judge me.

+1 gold

Function plus style. Multitasking? You cannot go wrong with a watch. So, I have been poking around a bit, and at first, I had my eye on this jacques lemans watch I found online at


Right? Pretty minimal…sleek…bling-ish? Well, hold your breath. I then stumbled across this guy, also by Jacque Lemans

there it is

Tell me that doesn’t look like a robot head. I dare you…tell me. Regardless, bluedial has all sorts of brands, if robot head watches aren’t your thing. If they aren’t, you are completely out of your mind, for what it is worth.

Most likely, I will continue to use the smartphone as my timepiece. Still waiting on my Droid Incredible, which should have the most awesome time app in the histories of both apps and time. There still exists a soft spot in my heart for a good, old fashioned watch…maybe if the Incredible looked more robotic, that would cease to be the case.

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