Laboratory Equipment

I think what I fondly refer to as my laboratory might not classify as a true lab, per se. I have some sweet stuff going for me in my garage workspace…but the lack of lab equipment might leave me with more of a nerd fortress, and less of a lab.

Here is a quick pic:

weak sauce

While most of my projects are electronic in nature, I still get down and dirty with some mechanical projects. Woodworking, too, and of course programming. I would for sure benefit from a laboratory apparatus or two, in order to establish some lab credibility.

Those above links are to Lab Planet…which I stumbled across while looking for some equipment. I was looking into a dry ice machine, which they have, and saw that they have scores of sweet equipment. Centrifuges, microscopes, furnaces…even mass spec stuff.

How sweet would my Arduino projects be with a touch of chemistry?

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