Granite Sink Chat

I suppose I am picky when it comes to sinks. Not bad picky, but picky enough to know what I want. I spent the better part of a decade with double sink set-ups, between my restaurant and bar work experience. I may not be much of a doer of dishes, but set me up with two sinks, and I’ll do my thing.

dishes robot
SO ANGRY (not to perspective)

Being a minimalist of sorts, I basically have two choices; granite sinks or stainless steel sinks. I’m leaning towards the former, after seeing some sweet, black granite Mr Direct brand sinks. I was under the false assumption that all granite sinks were speckled and dirty looking. Not the case.

+1 hides grime

Pair that sink with a clean looking faucet apparatus like this…

dig it
dig it

…and all of a sudden, I guess I am a granite sink guy.

Hit one of those links above for the details. I most surely will when it is time to remodel our place.

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