Status Update

Sorry for the lack of updates.

On second thought, no I’m not. I’ve been doing all sorts of awesome crap.

My Droid 2 is extremely awesome crap. I really can’t say enough about the Android OS. Even though I had my heart set on the HTC Incredible, I’m impressed with Motorola’s work on the Droid 2. Job well done. More to come on this, for sure. Droid, Droid, Droid. Droid.

I also have taken on my awesome soldering crap project regarding the Arduino Motor Shield ‘some assembly required’ fiasco. As so long as you look at it from afar, it will appear as though I am a skilled solder-ing machine:

motor shield, complete

…which I clearly am not. I snapped some pics of the assembly process on my Droid 2. I’ll get them up soon. Stay tuned, as always.

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