Let’s Talk Toner

Where do you buy your toner? From a brick and mortar toner store? Get with the times…

wait, what?

As with pretty much anything tech-based, the only practical way to buy toner cartridges these days is to buy them online. Not only do you save yourself a trip to the store, but a little shopping around will get you a far better price than heading down to the neighbourhood Staples to grab some toner.

Toner Tips

For the best toner selection, shop online
For the best toner price, shop online
For the best toner time savings, shop online

If I would have heeded my own advice, I would not be writing toner articles to keep the lights on. But, lo and behold, I am. For the loss.

Regardless, hit that hyperlink and buy some toner. When all things are said and done, it is, in fact, far cheaper to buy this stuff online than in a store. It is the same racket as HDMI cables…fairly certain that a 8-foot HDMI doesn’t cost thirty bucks to produce. But, I digress…

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