Mad Solder Skillz

Some time ago, I snagged a robotics kit from Amazon. A few weeks after said time, I assembled the mechanical components of said kit. I assumed that the electrical assembly would be equally as detail-centric. I was quite wrong.

xtreme lead ingestion to the maxx
xtreme lead ingestion to the maxx

It was a son-of-a-bitch. Plus, I had a snaffu with the IR emitters, which are more than likely the same price as the microcontroller that is involved with this kit. Good President’s Day? You better believe it…so much fun horsing around with new connections, crappy directions, and a semi-success. Off to The Shack (Radio Shack’s awesome new advert front) to complete the project tomorrow at lunch, if all goes well. My motors are working, and all three emitters are pushing power, which indicates a solid-ass project as far as connectivity is concerned. Close, but no cigar. Maybe I’ll show off that cigar tomorrow.

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