Military Watch Technology

I spend all day staring at screens. Be them my work monitors, (also know as “the twin twenties”) or the hi def screen on my mobile phone, (Droid 2, also know as “the D2”) I have screens all over the place. When I get home, I have two large flat screen televisions and a bunch of laptop computers. Honestly, screens everywhere.

A side effect of swimming in screens is immediate access to the time. Work computer…time in the bottom left. Debian laptops? Time on the upper right. I have my netbook saving vertical space, so the time on that guy displays in the lower right. My droid spits out time all over the place…TVs are the same with the touch of one button. Everywhere I am, there it is.

Has technology rendered watches useless? No way. Watches are awesome.

watch this
watch this

There are a few different routes you could take with something like this. You could buy a stylish watch, or a watch that will serve a purpose of some sort. Or, you could grab something like this: (my new favorite, FWIW)

traser h3
watch this too

I am digging Military Watches right now…good engineering, nice style. Like the one pictured above. The Tracer H3 is a serious machine. MB-Microtec H3 Tritium Illumination. For sure. That is not messing around. I am very impressed by the 200 meter capability of this watch. Very cool.

Hit that link to see for yourself…that site has some awesome watches…good prices too.

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