State of Affairs

I’ve been busy. General business…not so much free time business. Here is a brief run-down of what is in the works:

Item: Environment updates

I am in the middle of re-purposing my computers. I have three flavors of Linux that I use on a regular basis. Gone will be that setup, along with all dual-boot machines. I am going to dedicate my Mini9 netbook as my ‘work at work’ machine…my old 17″ Dell will become my bench computer for my electronics projects…and my slick 15′-er will be my couch computer slash backup unit. All will run Ubuntu 10.10 with Gnome for the time being. I am toying with online storage options, so that I can drop files to and from my Droid without using’s server space. More to come on that.

Action shot…updating the Mini 9 from Ubuntu 10.4 Netbook to Ubuntu 10.10 Desktop…

little guy --------------------------------^

Bonus from above…real time apt-get Arduino V0022 action

Item: PIR sensor work on the Arduino

I actually had a little POC put together last week, before the system reboot. I made a generic little alarm, using the passive infrared module and a piezo. Once I can get the Arduino IDE up and running on all three boxes, I’ll snap some pics, clean stuff up, and let it rip. Stay tuned.

Item: General EE work.

I’ve been tearing apart all sorts of stuff. Two CRT TVs, some media players, etc. I didn’t document much, but managed to keep from discharging some big ass capacitors. For the win. The goal is to locate points of failure, and swap out components on the board level. This all stems from the flat-iron failure…for which I’m searching for a replacement switch and diode. Pretty cool.

That is about it. It looks like my wireless on the Mini is non-functional. Great. I’m off to track down an ethernet cord.

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  1. If you get a tablet, you will be good to go. I think that Ubuntu might be overkill though. Especially if you dont like unity in the netbook edition. Android tablets are awesome though.

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