Projects in Flight

I have two projects running right now…both are really grinding my gears. Colloquially speaking. You know what? That is a stupid term. Scratch that.

I have two problems that I am trying to solve. Number one: figure out how to assign a dynamic IP address to my ethernet setup for the Arduino

my bane

Getting old. I need to figure this out in a hurry, as it will open up a whole range of project possibilities. I have been tempted to throw in the towel on this thing and go at it through the Android, but think I need to grind through this on principle. We’ll give it another few hours.

Project two involves an image recognition algorithm. I am trying to port a Windows/Matlab proof of concept over to Debial/Octave. This has been my real time-suck…having issues with libraries. I’ll likely dump several more lunch hours into this guy…could be very cool if I can get it running. Pics once I get something aside from a command line to post.

Stay tuned.

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