Purple Drink

Baseball season is right around the corner. I am very ready to brush the dust off my cleats and see if my custom Triforce edition Baum Bat has as much pop as I suspect it does. A teammate and I have an eighteen pack of beer wager going on who hits the first dinger. Here’s to fastballs to pull…

The flip-side of baseball season is my arm feeling like it will fall off. It started in game two of our first double header last season…my shoulder gets nuclear hot and sore. Inflammation city…which historically has resulted in me chewing on Advil like crazy.

Maybe not this season…I stumbled across Nopalea.

purple pain drink nopalea

Long story short, I have been looking for some anti-inflammatory alternatives to ibuprofen. I am tired of having an upset stomach all season, and wrecking my liver in the process. Nopalea fits the bill, ad moreover you can try it for free (only pay $9.95 for shipping) by calling 1-800-203-7063. It is basically a wellness drink that reduces inflammation via some crazy antioxidants. Very cool.

With less inflammation, I should be good to go for another season. Turning two without a red-hot arm should be a nice change. If not, the eighteen beers I aim to win will ease the pain…