Cheap Eyeglasses

Due to either poor eye genes or work related strain, my vision has really taken a turn for the worse. Let’s just go with work and call it a day…three monitors are certainly awesome, but can’t be helping things out much. Regardless, I find myself on the hunt for some [link removed}.

My buddy Dock and I managed to sneak out to the golf course last weekend. It was my first round for years where I have managed to swing my driver all day (without giving in and hitting my three iron off of the tees) which was great. It was way less than great to need a spotter to figure out where I was ending up, due to my horrible eyesight. I can out drive the limits of my sight…for the win?

Baseball is right around the corner…time to handle this thing.

Zenni is the place to go for online eyeglasses. Quality eyewear without the gauging that you will see at the optometrist. If you can see your bill.

You may be surprised by the actual prices…

zenni optical

great specs

…looking sharp. Head to the local WalMart, shell out a few bucks for your prescription, and holler at Zenni. Cheap enough for redundant backups.

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