Basic Mower Cord Repair

I snapped our lawnmower cord. Oh snap.

As it happens, I can fix anything. Without exception.

math major repairs
looks factory fresh

Hit the fold for details, four action pics, and a video.

My one-pull-wonder lawnmower has been a great machine. Katie has been using this mower since she was a tween…my father-in-law upgraded and packed this to Bozeman when he upgraded to a new mower many mows ago. With a thunderstorm brewing, I was in a hurry, and swoll, and I ripped the cord in two.


No good. Let’s fix it. Pliers and snips…get in there. See how it works.

fixing mower
going for it

I noted a spindle, sans an enclosed routing. There was a lead weight on the cord, apparently fitted to keep some back-tension to alleviate any sort of rat’s nesting extra cord. I dug up the access point via my makeshift access point:

chord wrap

Cord: fed. Next:

burning cord
kill it with fire

I noticed that the cord had been singed at the ends. When in Rome…singe the cord. Video time:

It works. I couldn’t figure out how to wrap the excess chord without disassembling the fuel system, so I didn’t. We have an awfully short action on our lawnmower pull, but it fires right up when primed. +1 works as intended.

Not a bad little Monday-after-work-trying-to-do-something-mundane-and-learning-some-awesome-junk. I should update my resume.

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