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So. I may be one of the only people in the world left who listen to talk radio. More embarrassing than that, I would, without a doubt, be considered a dedicated listener. There is nothing worse than the audio quality of AM radio, except for AM radio in a truck with all sorts of metal accelerating around…big pistons, questionable wiring, and a poor antenna make for very, very poor radio reception. Interference, for the loss.

I used to be all over antenna theory back in my undergrad days…KD7NZI. Yep. Licensed HAM radio dude. I promise to touch on that one of these days. Or threaten. Now, I am pretty much on the AM radio, and on my talk shows. The heart of the matter for today lies in ways to handle finances. My beloved, awful AM radio is nearly wall-to-wall advertisements for gold purchasing firms. Places of ill repute, when compared to legitimate stock account joints. It may be tough to consider, but it is very important to do so. Money of all nature has (inherently) value, and that is not to be taken lightly. Pause for picture.

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I do 100% of my money work online. In fact, my Wells Fargo accounts have embarrassingly small rates of return…interest takes second base to online access for me, for what it is worth. That is where it is…from my IRA, to my stocks, to my savings and DDA accounts, it is all accessed/managed online.

The question remains, what do you do to juggle all of these balances? Is there some sort of service that you can find to consolidate stuff of this nature? Yes, there is. Hint: that link back there <--- Take a look. Do what you will. Drop me a line with any suggestions you may have....and good luck.

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