Choosing a Web Designer

My skill set is so sufficiently awesome in the design realm, that I can turn this…

chicken crop
crop == gizzard

…into this…
chicken wattle
wattle you have? (A: a whole bunch of MSG)

…using nothing but MS Paint. I can also put down an entire box of MSG in a Biskit Chicken in a Biskit. But that is for another day.

If you, unlike me, are shopping for a web designer, take the following into consideration.

Whether you are building a new website or having an older one redesigned, it is likely that you will need the assistance of a web designer. If you spend some time browsing the internet, you will soon discover that there is a significant difference in those websites which have been professionally designed and those that haven’t.
Nowadays, if you want your business to get noticed then hiring a reputable web designer is a necessity. So how do you go about choosing one?
Firstly you should do your research on potential web designers or web design companies. You will find that Southampton web design agencies may work in a completely different way to a web designer in Dorset. Therefore, it pays to look around and not necessarily just in London.
You need to enquire into their previous work and ensure it is similar to the standard you are after for your own site. It is important to remember that your website should not just be a copy of previous work, so look at more than one example to ensure that the designer is capable of catering to individual client needs. You also need to research into whether this work was delivered in a timely manner. It is all well and good receiving an incredible design for a new website, however if it is going to take 3 years, you may need to reconsider. The majority or web designers will have a portfolio and this is a great way to judge their work and their professionalism.
Client testimonials are another way in which you can compare designers. Be wary about these testimonials as it is possible to make these up, so it is important to follow them up and actually speak to previous clients to gain further information. For example if you are contemplating a web design Bournemouth agency, you may wish to speak to a range of their clients to gauge an understanding of how they work.

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  1. It always amazes me how talented and creative designers can be… I dont have a creative bone in my body, I’ll just stick to paying for it!

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