Satellite Internet Options

Q: What is worse than a dial-up internet connection?
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A: Very little?

I don’t know. Dial up is unacceptable. So unacceptable that I would, without a doubt, rather be without a connection than have to poke around with dial up. Some remote places are without the option of a cable connection. Some places even more remote cannot even access DSL. I weep for the poor souls.

Fortunately, there is an option. Look to the stars, my dialing up friends. Chins up…there is always satellite internet, my friends.

Satellite Internet

Some day, our mobile connections may be able to handle all of our data needs. Until that idea becomes reality, our best bet for remote connections is, by all means, satellite connections. You are likely familiar with Direct TV and Dish Network receivers…this is the same principle. No grid…just power the receiver, and you get your connections from Low-Earth Orbit. LEO and the interwebs; let me sum that up. Yep, just as I suspected: win / win.

Hit that link to find out more. Believe me, dial up internet is barely internet at all. This route is really the only way to go in a pinch. Plus, your friends and family will be amazed by your forward-thinking, futuristic internet connection. Space cadet stuff.

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