RBG LED Controller

My off-the-cuff remark about building an auxiliary bilirubin light manifested itself into a quick project.

In order to approximate the specific color of the bilirubin lamp, I figured that I would need to provide a means of setting PWM values for the three inputs. I had hard-coded values in Arduino code in the past, so thought about taking that route initially. I blew the dust off my Duemillova, fired up the Arduino IDE, and promptly decided to modify my Java servo PWM code to do the job.

Sort of growing attached to the IOIO…sorry Arduino.

So, the controller was born…IOIORBG.

rbg led

Hit the bump for a video and some more info…

As usual, I posted the code on github


For testing purposes, I also dumped the apk on the Android Market

IOIO Android App

I have some work to do on my descriptions, but the gist of the setup is:

Red – Pin 10
Gnd – Gnd
Blu – Pin 11
Grn – Pin 12

Give it a try…I’ll see about ramping up the output for the baby…

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  1. Your Android wallpaper says you deserve congrats! If you have time to play with LEDs I figure all is well 🙂

    (P.S. another fun project!)

  2. Thanks Ytai… did this project on zero sleep as you hinted might be the case. Just sort of pressed through during some long naps. Emma is doing very well…she ended up with some neonatal jaundice, but about has it kicked. It was not unexpected…both my wife and I had the same thing as newborns. All in all, pretty tough to top this whole thing. Thanks for checking in

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