V-Day Eyeglasses

Cranky baby. Not a whole bunch of sleep. Shifted sense of humor, or some sort of tiredness induced insanity.

Either I have completely blasted past any sort of touch with reality, or this is really funny…

awesome eyeglasses

A bit of a side note. I was poking around for some new frames, started looking at some online prescription frames, and got fully side tracked. Somehow looking at basic options found me checking out [link removed], and ultimately dropping a pair of V-Day glasses on top of a sweet robot jpeg. One must admit, the frames are both completely conducive towards Valentine’s day cheer, and for robotic…oh I don’t know…something.

Zenni kills it, regardless of the style. Take a quick look at the source of the image…

zenni frame pink

I think they would look equally amazing on a human. Preferably a female human.

Tired stupor aside, it is very amazing how far the internet has brought certain industries into the hands of the consumer. Glasses provide a terrific point. I have purchased three sets of frames from Zenni, and can say with a great deal of certainty, that my time in a brick and mortar spectacle shop are done. Have prescription, will go.

Anyhow…sorry about the tired ramble post. It still cracks me up though…

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