Star Trek Glasses

Ever since the announcement of the Google Glass project, I have had an image of Geordi La Forge in my head. Good old Geordi…

don’t take my word for it…

Honestly, the project is pretty cool. The prototype units are sort of reminiscent of Star Trek, but they serve a unique function. Merging computing and vision is not an easy thing, once the whole ‘rest of the world aside from the text written to screen’ comes in to play.

Where will this end up? I have a strong suspicion that the goofy looking units will end up being swept under the rug. The future, my friends, is in the contact lens. The small, not very obtrusive, disposable, can still wear sunglasses, little contact lens.

The kicker is the link between contact lenses and high tech stuff that already exists. If vision correction isn’t enough to float your boat, how about Microsoft’s past work to implement a glucose tester into contact lenses. You don’t have to be diabetic to appreciate that. You don’t have to be a Microsoft fanboy to give them credit for a cool project.

Swap Microsoft out for Google, who is arguably way more bleeding edge. Add in the fact that the Google Glass project has been declared an early success, and that the contact lens makes more sense down the road. I’m guessing we see Star Trek Glasses, and then shortly behind Star Trek Contacts for sale before too long.