Android Spy App

Suppress for a few minutes any issues you may have about invasions of privacy. I’m going to talk about something very cool from a technology point of view…namely an Android Spy App. The theme alone may send the paranoid looking for their tinfoil hats, but at the core is something pretty impressive.

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So, from a technical standpoint, Mobile Spy is awesome. Once the app is installed upon the tracked device, it will run under the radar. It spins a PID and runs undetected. The viewing interface is a live control panel…you can view the remote device’s screen, see the GPS info (overlayed onto a map…you bet) in real-timne, send silent SMS commands…

The next level of interaction is even more involved. Via Mobile Spy, you can view the photos on the device…see Gmail messages…see Facebook and other social network activity. You can view the apps installed onthe device, URLs that the browser has hit, and phone contacts. Sort of creepy.

Perhaps the two items that have been incorporated into the feature suite involve the exit path. You can initiate a block on any of the applications. This would be useful for something along the lines of blocking Astro File Manager, to keep hidden files and apks from being exposed. The second is nothing short of brilliant…a built-in remote uninstall. End of story.

Snap back to reality. This is powerful stuff, and not to be taken lightly. If the usage is legit, this tool is amazingly legit.