Occidental Distro Setup

I’ve wanted to play around with Adafruit’s Occidental distro since it was announced. The whole gist of the release is that it better caters to the hack-y types…they have taken Wheezy and built in some utilities. Especially cool is Bonjour, which *should* allow ssh access from my other networked machines. Still getting to that point, but I have installed the thing for experimentation.

Thus far I have been poking around…my small assistant did some stress testing…

raspberry pie occidental distro
keyboard smacking

I have some battery packs in the mail, and I need to configure my WiFi dongle. The idea is to let the machine run headless, and see what I can stand up with Python. I need to play around with the pinouts a bit and come up with some ideas. I could bring Clocky back from the dead…we’ll see what shakes out.