Welp 1. I finally bit the bullet and fixed the site

The issues were really straight forward.. I had ssl issues after juggling the wordpress install across several (4?) cloud platforms over the past several (4?) years, and a directory issue that took some time to resolve. There are still some broken photo links from the early-early posts, but I can say with certainty that nobody needs to revisit. Assume we all had fun and move on.

Welp 2. I’m still doing software

The issues are really straight forward. You use your brain and get upset by things that really don’t matter. I like it quite a lot. I’ve moved into infrastructure engineering, and spend most of my time pissed at AWS for whatever reason. Unify your goddamned APIs.. it is tiring.

Welp 3. remote work

The issues should be straight forward. Software Engineer and Katie is a Controller. It feels like we are at a pretty big turning point in the field. I really like my wife, really like my daughters, mostly like the dog, and usually don’t hate the chickens. The gloves come off when the dog eats the chickens’ shit, after the chickens have jumped the fence into the dog portion of the yard.. but that is solvable.

Katie and I have put in the work over the past two+ years to get good at working from the house. We’re good.. the kids are good.. things in general are good.

Welp 4. now what (still about work)

Offices are back open. But sad.

Last summer I upgraded the old black crew cab F-150 for a newer black crew cab F-150 with a goddamned moonroof. It used to be a huge flex to roll into the work parking lot with a new truck. That flex doesn’t work if nobody is there.

Welp 5. It’s better (still about work but wrapping it up)

The coffee is much better now. I dump sweat on the Peloton everyday. The commute was pretty unneeded in retrospect. I miss my work buddies, but that ship has sailed. We’ve scattered while trying to keep our shit together over the last few years.

Weird stuff, but glad to be on this side of things.