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This site started in the late 00s as ‘bouncerblog.com’ when blogs were popular and the internet was fun. I was a blogging bouncer.

At some point, the bar blew up. My wife and I were still working at there super part time, early into our careers.. it was an interesting way to retire from that sort of thing.

At some other point ‘bouncerblog.com‘ morphed into ‘swantron.com‘. I was really into microcontrollers around that time.

Flash forward to now…bouncer is a software engineer, bartender is a controller. We have two girls who are pretty awesome. Still haven’t left Bozeman. I don’t blog much anymore, but probably should.

I hang around various platforms (github / twitter / etc) as @swantron . There are always a few other domain names and projects floating around.. mostly docker stuff that doesn’t make for interesting posts.

~ joe[at]swantron.com