Montana Lightening Photo

I don’t think there’s a contest, but here’s my entry.

ooh zap!” ~ Joseph Swanson – 2022

Cellphones are pretty amazing.. that pic was taken through glass via Google Night Sight. The camera operator basically just has to aim at an area and keep the device still for a minute or so. Crazy storm, crazy technology. I would say something like ‘the future is here, but the skies are angry’, but that that would sound very stupid.

I don’t know.. the picture might look pretty awesome on a canvas. It would, without any doubt, look fucking awesome on a sleeveless shirt if I crop out the neighbors’ houses.

Million Dollar Idea

Spam filter for physical mail. Somebody run with it.

We must have been inserted into some sort of new homeowners database. Each day, several ‘official looking, if this was 1983 or so’ letters show up in the mailbox. Most of them are attempting to bilk me out of money for ‘special homeowner’s life insurance’ or something of that nature. Thanks, but no thanks.

There is a bright side to this spam…they all have return postage. Hence:

aggressively unsubscribe

Fighting the system, one crude drawing of a robot flipping off spammers at a time. You’re all welcome.

True American

Ford, Montana, Stars, Stripes, Bald Eagle.

there's a lady who stands in a harbor for what we call free
these colors don’t run

Bunch of guns. Just missing a PBR and one of the Hank Williams in the background.

Expensive Tree

Our offer for this giant tree was accepted.

expensive tree

Pending an inspection and some title work, this tree should belong to us on the 14th of July.

Old Man Truck

I would be lying to say that it wasn’t disappointing to see my Silverado SS from the rear view mirror of my new Old Man F150.

old balls
NRA sticker?

Emma outgrew the SS about a year and a half earlier than I had anticipated. This 07 showed up on craigslist with 40k miles. Couldn’t pass it up.

I’m not kidding about putting some stars and stripes on the license plate. I can’t picture anything else on this big white thing.

Script Kiddie

Good times with dad…

script kiddie
please disregard the drool spots

…Linux VM on the work Win7. We don’t really mess around.

Bonus Bacon Lattice

The only thing better than bacon is bonus bacon: the bacon left over from a bacon feast.

The only thing better than bonus bacon is the ellusive bonus bacon lattice

bonus bacon

Stack while hot, refrigerate, and enjoy.


Even spiky-haired sidekicks need spiky-haired sidekicks…

that's quacktastic

+1 meta.

11 Days to Go

My sidekick doesn’t seem to care that the Cubs are going to be lousy again this year.

small cubs fan
pink? that'll do

Season starts in eleven days…we are tied for first place until then.

Android IP Webcam Screenshot

I have to admit that I’m pretty impressed by the Foscam’s IR capabilities. I snapped a screenshot on my Droid last while we were getting the princess ready for her bath…

android night vision
samurai dude says hi

The lab was light-free, and I was connected to the camera’s web server via my 3G connection. Controls are fairly snappy, and the image looks good even when pushed via cellular. Response time is very quick on the network itself…but remoting in to the router does the trick nicely.

I’m keeping my eyes peeled for a second cam…set designated choppable. We’ll see…I’m growing attached to this guy, but really want to get into its guts.