Quick Salsa

Recently, I found myself in a bind at work. I had chips, but no salsa…a true doozy of a predicament!

Being a daft culinary whiz, I improvised a work-around: QUICK SALSA

quick salsa is quick

How to make Quick Salsa:

1) Find a flat (or nearly flat) surface
2) Arrange chips in a single layer upon the flat (or nearly flat) surface
3) Nail those bitches with sriracha
4) Enjoy!

Chrome Robot Wheels

These rims are hotter than the combination cutting and grinding bit on my new cordless Dremel (after I’ve been cutting and grinding servo fittings with which to secure the rims in question.)

chrome robot wheels
sittin on chrome

For a project that is being tackled in five-minute-sleeping-baby sessions, it is shaping up. I am not quite sure if the IOIO board will fit in the enclosure, but it will sure be close. I suppose if all else fails, I can chop the thing up a bit…as much as I enjoy Dremel-ing, I’d like to avoid that if possible. Maybe next five minute session…

Tron Baby

My sidekick is already dabbling in solid state physics…

tron baby
light tricycle?

…namely, the optics around the 440 nanometer range. She is oxidizing some bilirubin into biliverdin.

I have a bunch of RBG LEDs on my workbench…maybe I should go slap together an auxiliary biliblanket. DIY neonatal hack…

Still Waiting

Our daughter has not arrived yet. Stubborn like her dad, who has somehow been able to keep out his hospital bag jerky…

waiting for the baby
not pictured: the other four Red Bull cans

I am ready for both…baby and jerky. Soon, hopefully.

Precision Soldering

I am going to have to wait until my caffeine levels are at some sort of equilibrium before I tackle this series of wire joints…

precision soldering
thin wires are thin

…this is where I stopped. I may be spending more time playing the new Zelda, and less time freezing balls in my lab working on my IOIO project. I’ll get on it.