Conquered it.

Oh? Zelda Twilight Princess? Conquered it.

beating zelda on wii
conquered it.

The hardest part of snapping this pic was avoiding eye contact with Katie, who was on the couch laughing at me. Tradition is tradition.

As I was preparing the shot, I noticed that my phone was picking up the infrared LEDs from the Wii sensor bar…

wii sensor bar infrared

I had pegged the Wii bar as a passive unit…a la IR receivers only. I guess I was wrong, and now have an urge to rip one apart. But I digress.

This game took me ages to complete…feels good to be done with this one. Not quite as fun as Ocarina, but Twilight was a good time. Rumor has it that the new Zelda for Wii is borderline unreal…look for me to post a ‘conquered it’ picture on this site in 2016.

Virtually Awesome

You may be wondering how I could one-up my work setup. Probably not, but play along.

We are too .NET-y for me to nuke Windows, but Oracle-y enough to get carte blanch on a whole bunch of new stuff.

Item one: VM Virtual Box Manager

virtually awesome

I have an Ubuntu box rolling on the far right and an Oracle Linux box dead center. DropBox setup on the base machine and virtuals, for quick file mashing…diffing…command line python…grepping, etc. Good stuff.

The only thing that could be more virtually awesome would be a fourth monitor running Arch Linux. Virtually unbeatable.

Work Monitor Upgrade

Add another 17″ monitor to the boneyard…I’ve upgraded to a new 24″ widescreen.

triple monitors

One step closer to my end-goal of two 24″ screens to supplement my 17″ notebook. Big glowing rectangles, FTW.

Precedent Setting

I may be guilty of child abuse before the small Swanson girl makes her first appearance…

little pink cubs hat
tiny pink cubs hat is pink, tiny

Nursery Furniture Assembly

As I mentioned in the post that precedes this one, I have been assembling things on a larger scale lately. Well, larger scale for a smaller scale person…getting the nursery ready, namely. Both the crib and changing table came together nicely. Enjoy some pics and protips.

Protip: Although the product may merely require “a screwdriver” for assembly, this will take all day. You will want an electric drill.

building changing table
here we go

Right after the unboxing phase of this project, I found myself en route to Lowe’s. Not going to happen manually.

Protip: Lithium Ion battery technology is vastly superior to other cordless drill battery types. Take my word on this.

With long spans, tight threads, and two hands, it may be tough to get joints lined up. No problem…

Protip: Shim during assembly to level stuff.

building baby furniture
balancing act

There are all sorts of pieces in a kit of this size. Plenty of items with which to level other items. With curved edges on these pieces, I found myself using unused parts and towels to prop thing up, etc. Which leads me to…

Protip: Assemble loosely, level, tighten.

changing table done
^____----- mom taking picture

That sucker is so level, we have simultaneous picture action. +1 photogenic.

On to the crib…assembly was similar, but quicker. Same protips, with the addition of

Protip: Prepare tools ahead of time.

crib assembly

You sure wouldn’t want to find yourself with warm OMLs, a dead battery, etc. Sort of along the same lines as ‘measure twice, cut once.’ Only, more important.

So, the paint on those walls is new as well. This room is getting close to done…with three months to spare. Hopefully it turns out well…especially as there is no chance that the crib will fit through the door in an assembled state. I have a feeling it will be just fine.

Baseball Heroics

Black Sox, for the win…

swan tron dot baseball

2011 Gallatin Valley Men’s Adult Baseball League champions. You can’t tell due to the backlighting, but there are four games worth or infield on that uni. Red Bull, ibuprofen, celebratory OMLs, Skoal, and infield. And grass from a couple of cans of corn put-outs.

Happy and tired.

So Long, Zoot

I had three great years at Zoot Enterprises. Time for a change, however.

zoot enterprises
rear-view. literally

Thanks for it all.

Good News

Katie and I are happily expecting a baby girl…due date: 12/31

baby swanson
+1 pink

There she is^

I have money on the little lady having big, brown eyes. Very excited to meet her.