sry u guyz

srsly sry

srsly sry to the point of making an apologetic, aggressive, lightening-bolts-out-the-ass, image to show my deep, deep regret for my laziness.

pew pew pew crack snap pew
+ several aggressive

I realized that I have approximately nine posts sitting in my figurative TO DO box. Including the much anticipated stuff regarding soldering the Arduino Motor Shield.

Much anticipated may be a gross overstatement. It will be there, and we can judge at that point. Srsly.

Comics that aren’t Horrible

I have made zero effort to conceal the fact that I hate comics. They are, as a whole, utterly useless. Utterly.

In my book, there are only three people making comics that are worth reading. My first? Randall from xkcd…pretty much speaks for itself for a math dude to be all over that stuff. My other two are Drew and Natalie, and their combined four works.

Here is my favourite MTTS entry of the month…

…and what I deem to be Natalie’s best (or most random) offering…

Hit one of those ill links to get to the respective sites. They also pen Super Poop and Toothpaste for Dinner, which, names aside, are incredible as well.

How to Fix a Paper Cutter

I walked into my designated printer room at work today to find the paper cutter broken. What a tragedy, right? I have absolutely no idea why we need a paper cutter, let alone several paper cutters, at our software shop FWIW. Regardless, I took it upon myself to remedy the problem. Sleep tight, thy co-workers…rest assured that you can again transform 8.5″ x 11″ paper sheets into 8.25″ x 11″ paper sheets, thanks to my pro bono paper cutter fixing skills. Observe.

What You’ll Need:

*Broken Paper Cutter
*Tape (Scotch)


1) Locate Point of Failure

You can see that this particular cutter has malfunctioned due to a broken cutting arm.

paper cutter

2) Procure a section of tape

(If you are unsure with what to do with the tape at this point, don’t worry…this will come into play in step 3)

paper cutter

3) Place tape section on the displaced cutting arm


4) Place displaced cutting arm on cutting arm articulating housing; secure tape

paper cutter

That’s that. Leave it in the printer room for the next idiot who actually uses a paper cutter…I bet bewilderment will ensue

How to Make Breakfast Burgers

Trying to spice things up around the breakfast table? Here is something new and interesting: breakfast burgers! Boy Howdy!

breakfast burger
too many noms to count. there are countlessly many noms here.

Not only are these breakfast burgers nutricious and delicious, they are uber easy to make. Follow these easy steps.

1) Make two too many bacon turkey burgers for dinner
2) Place said bonus burgers in a Rubbermaid container (here, I went for a 1L with rounded square edges)
3) Bring to work
4) Open container
5) Eat breakfast burgers at work, in the morning

***Note: breakfast burgers are best when enjoyed with multi-vitamin and coffee***