It’s Been a Minute

..and a half. Life is busy.

and a half and a half and a half
…and a half..and a half

Since the previous post, I’ve had this site (generic WP install) on several hosting providers. The exercise was mostly for me to test crap out, live, with a *bit* on the line. Do it live.

Containers with backups have been the best.. Digital Ocean was pretty great, somewhat surprisingly. Things ran there uninterrupted for quite a while. I bought a few domain names and consolidated, and shit sort of hit the fan.

I pulled all of my junk over to Google Domains. Two of the four(?) at the time had Google Cloud test things deployed to test thing addresses. I figured I’d park the blog on a hosted offering while I sniped the other instances. AWS / DO were both decommissioned.. things ran just fine on BlueHost (the G Domains suggested provider) for ages. An expired credit card, in combination with the wrong goddamned email address (wat) on record (despite using Google login exclusively) led to the site going awol.

So here we are. I’m piecing this crap back together because it was a fun part of my life. Blogs kicked ass.

I have the site running on a pretty minimal Google App Engine machine and the dumb posts back up. I haven’t figured out a way to upload and remap the post images that doesn’t involve clicking a bunch of shit in the WP UI. Tableflip.

Maybe I’ll figure out something clever. Until then, PICTURE ME CLICKIN’