This will be a quick one…I am to meet the Zigginator for a beer on his way through town shortly. Just a thought:

Cody Janes–> I give you a 90% chance of waking up on Sunday and recalling that all you consumed on Saturday were some of these lil’ smokies. For that, my friend, you get a big thumbs up.

Hot or Not

Hey peeps. I am trying to give you all a weekly installment of my new Hot or Not section. Check it out; keep in mind that I am still not comfortable with the layout. Whatever. I know that the Grifmeister and I have built a small group of loyals, and the thought of said patrons calling up to find stale content makes me sick. I love you guys.

Also, I am somewhat surprised at the lack of activity regarding the past weekend’s antics. I feel that some of this was due to my business and Paige’s party…aka the reason for a ton of retardedness. Kyle was too inebriated to recall his Canadian cigarette box sized camera in his pocket. Dave (my boss/homie) was too jungle juice-fruit-drunk to realize that calling a guy a “fucking fagot” may result in a fat lip. In short, this guy is not too upset that he had to be tending bar before the alliterative shit hit the colloquial fan. Word to your mother Owen.


Foremost…check out the new hot or not section. It is linkable to your right. Enjoy and realize this is gen one of this bad boy; I will hammer out the format one of these days.

Now, here is the good stuff. Zig and I have collected in the past week some nice examples of the crazy things a guy or gal can get a laugh out of if he or she keeps his or her eyes open. Ziggy, who is, at present, affiliated with the Whitefish bar scene, mentioned his run in with the largest apple perhaps ever.

Gage the size of the apple in comparison with the hand basket…that is a big apple. Not a day later I run into this dandy in the McDonald’s parking lot.

Yes, those are both Ford Fiestas. I am a mathematician, but my skills are not sufficient enough to calculate the odds of two Fiestas side by side in a parking lot in 2005. I do have a suspicion that my chances of winning the Montana Cash jackpot are better than my odds of seeing that shit again though.

Next, I go grocery shopping.

Plain creepy.

Off to WalMart (aside–I am not a classy gent) Maybe I was just worked up from the grocery store…but product packaging was on the mind. Perhaps the two most blatantly obvious examples of complacency in marketing lesser quality products jumped out at me. Examine:

We have here a mullet-head table tennis player and this lady. I can only imagine how excited she was telling her husband that she was doing some modeling.


After three of my four Sleeg shifts of the week logged, I am becoming very tired of people. Question: Why does our society cater to the gutless? I have been dealing with officers Dunlop and Shultz of BPD regarding two separate mixes at the bar. I have two cocksuckers attempting to throw assault charges my way…for doing my job.
Here I sit, typing with a crooked finger from one of two said incidents thinking that this is pure bullshit. Case one. I’m tending bar a few weeks back when a patron comes behind the bar to tell me that his drink is weak. That is trespassing my friends. I provided the dude with ample warning to relocate before removing him. He has told the police that I knocked the drink out of his hand, tossed him against the wall, and took him out back in a headlock. This is true. He has however failed to mention where he was when this happened. Case closed. Number two. Tony and I get involved with a kid regarding an ID. After being asked to leave numerous times, and being made aware of the fact that he was indeed trespassing, this all-star decides to get physical. I end up throated from behind by this guy’s buddy, we hit the ground and start going at it. If there were to be any charges pressed, it should have been on this guy…I am however not a pansy. Anyhow, somehow this all plays out to have me looking at yet another ticket. How is beyond me.
I am at a loss as to why folks in general are unwilling to take responsibility for their actions. There is no excuse for this nonsense in my opinion.

Enough of that. I have been wrestling with my copy of photoshop, my ftp client, pjpg and JPG extensions, etc. and have not been doing a ton of posting. Look for a new section soon, however…I have one up my sleeve.

Attention all bouncerblog.comers. This weekend marks the reemergence of the weird beard. Anthony has the weekend off from the country club and thus he Kyle and I will be sporting the hottest look in the facial hair grooming department. Feel free to join us at the best smelling bar west of Butte for this monumental occasion.

Weird Weekend – Beard

Well here we go again. Here is the weekend in review from this blogger’s point of view. Let me first start by throwing up a thumb, as well as a crooked ass pinky to those Fightin’ ‘Cats. It appears as though there is ample enough parking at MSU to accommodate our football squad, Josh.
Anyhow, the weekend looked super Thursday afternoon. jLo shoots me this sweet pic from campus. Yessir, that is a true Canadian tuxedo. Don’t get me wrong, I love denim…just not as much as this fella.
editor’s note: I would like to know who made the call to throw the auxiliary dry erase board in this room. Give me a break.

Jump nearer to quitting time. Dave, who incidentally signs my checks, shows me what side is the best side.

Friday. Half day due to rain lops my work day to eleven hours. I grab a nap and head to Dave’s for some serious prep cooking…twenty five pounds of chicken, twenty five pounds of sirloin. And some vegetables.
editor’s note: Sparks makes a terrific object when referencing scale.

Friday later. Some, not all, hell breaks loose in the Sleeg. The boys and I are involved in an altercation leaving my finger looking like this.

And this. I managed to get blindsided; some guy elevates me up a few stairs by my throat. I hit my feet and promptly hit the deck with said assailant…only to be met by a wall of’ers playing the parts of heroes. I blow snot and lose both my cool and my shirt.

Charges are pending…Until this junk blows over lets keep things shrouded in secrecy, and ice packs.

You’re Invited

Follow along Jonny College Student. With the help of, you can bump up the excitement level of your average tailgate. Go from this

to this

to this

Introducing the first ever pre-tailgate wine sampling. Join the gang Saturday morning for this unprecedented affair. Details to follow.