Gallatin Valley Four Wheeling

The only thing I’ve been doing pertaining to the site has been to polish off the resume and get a new job. That sort of stuff.

I did run around the Gallatin Valley last weekend…chasing D-Rock and his gigantor ATV. 1000 cc…seriously. I really like the northern part of the valley:

atv four wheel bozeman
which was lovely

Nice little Saturday. More to come about the job…I’ll post some details when I start.

Montana Muffin

Nice late summer day…

some pretty little muffin mountains

Playing cowboy w/ D Rock…

4 wheeler trick
hey this

Trick time…

fuck you...gotta go

(-1 off topic)
(-1 spelled “muffin” “m-u-f-l-i-n”)
(+1 muflin sounds sort of funny)
(-1 total score FTL)