Internet Marketing Change

I don’t pull punches when it comes to my love / hate relationship with Google. Google may be Big Brother-esque, when it comes to the wi-fi sniffing and general evil empire building. They too are the same company who dropped Android on us, so for that I am thankful. Similarly, the Chrome browser is a “love”, but Chromium is most definitely in the “hate” catagory. As a publisher network conneseur, I can say that I am glad to announce that AdWords may have a competitor.

And that, friends, is breaking news.

Breaking News...For the Win
Breaking News FTW

MS Paint inducing breaking news. AdSense and AdWords are no friends of mine.

Here is the basis of my stance. I had living as a parked domain for a number of months after re-branding my old site. When I switched it to my primary domain, even though I had a redirect in place, I was flagged for illegial click activity. My appeal was made to deaf ears, though my point was valid. Regardless, I’m proud to say that Google AdWords, Meet Your Competition: Clickbook CPC.

The most interesting aspect of Clickbook is that the cpc network has its sites set on Google Ad* from the start. Pay attention to some of the “big” sites…look for the Clickbook reminders. You may see some exposure via CNN / ESPN, because they have made the switch.

I’m excited. I haven’t had much luck with any Ad* alternatives yet, so I’m the target publisher. Maybe I’ll be rolling in the pay per click loot before we know it.