How to Hang a Heavy Bag

This is not a chipper tale of how-to boastery. Far from it. I cartoonified the shit out of the following pics, in order to further convey the surreal darkness that was involved in this seemingly trivial task. Buckle up…it is not likely to be pleasant blog-reading.

The mission objective was simple enough: hang a heavy bag. The mission-turns-out-to-be-a-little-cooler-and-a-little-more-involved moment came when I realized there was approximately one punching bag length between the ceiling in my garage and the spot where I wanted the top of said bag. I’ll let the pictures tell the story, for the most part. My knuckles are all sorts of funked up, which is an indication of the title’s eventual success. Or aptness. Or giant fail…I’m still very confused.

Enough rambling…first thing I know, I’m standing on my Honda Trail 90, wondering how I ended up with a heavy bag (and Honda Trail 90) before I managed to end up with a goddamned ladder.

Unsafe at any Speed

When in Rome…snap a pic. It’s pretty much all about the photo-documentation at this point.

smoove criminal

“Uh” is incredibly right. That sucker was bouncing around looking down…not so stable when my arm and or both arms were above my head. Good thing I’m limber. Huh?

My grand idea involved two threaded rings. Innocent enough looking…

oh, nice
oh, nice

…fucking wrong. Far from innocent, when said threaded ring is dropped into spider-central…

darkest hell
darkest hell

Well, I managed to knock most of those webs out of place with my trusty framing hammer. Unfortunately, I knocked them right on that stupid shiny thing I was attemping to arm-fish out of the hole between the particle board, studs, spider poop, drywall, and darkest hell.

I got the stupid thing, did the weird shudder thing with my shoulders/neck for a half-minute, and got back into gear. Survival mode at this point. Darkest-hell-been-and-back-survival mode.

Either my creeped out spider dance brought me luck, or my engineering was sound. Or both…but it worked out, against most odds.

Position 1
Position 2

It works, and there is a box of delicious OML in the frame. So I guess I’ll count that as a win???

Softball Injury

I managed to hit a walk-off dinger to end the 2010 softball season. Unfortunately, my shitty co-ed league counts dongs as outs, and my walk-off was the last out of our year. Whoever penned that rule was a fun-hater.

I did manage to rip my goddamn knee open, yet again…

softball injury

Insult to injury, I suppose.

We’ll get ’em in 2011.

Weaponized Robot = Aggressive

I’m not one to be down-and-out-self-deprecating-bummed-out about things in general, but iRobot has just made my tri-colored LED progress look like peanuts. Tri-colored peanuts, but peanuts nonetheless.

Hats off to you all, iRobot dudes. This is awesome.

robo laser
maxximum pew


iRobot released today new video of its Warrior robot, a beefed up version of the more well-known PackBot, demonstrating use of the APOBS (Anti-Personnel Obstacle Breaching System), an explosive line charge deployed by a rocket, with a small parachute holding back the end of the line. The APOBS, iRobot says, is designed for “deliberate breaching of anti-personnel minefields and multi-strand wire obstacles.” Although it may concern those who don’t like the arming of robots, it makes great eye candy for those who like robots, rockets, and explosions.

For those who like robots, rockets, and explosions?

Throw in Katie and Old Milwaukee Light, and that is me to a T.

Get Swoll, Son

Takeru Kobayashi? Is that you?

Tired of looking like that little hot dog eating champ dude?

puny as hell

Okay…that is not Kobayashi. Regardless, if you feel like the colloquial 90lb weekling…

Hit up some steroids…get swoll, son!

Unless you play baseball professionally, you have nothing to lose…hit that ^ link and check out some options…GET SWOLL! HUUAH!

I want a hot dog now.