Nuked that LED from space…

blown led
and boom goes the dynamite

In my ongoing fight with my Ethernet Shield, I had a bright idea that the sucker might have some bad jumpers. Welp, I put together a little blinking LED code and let it rip…which worked. I then tried to run the LED through the 3V lead…but…plugged the bastard into the 5V slot.

Fire and brimstone. Long story short, the board is getting power, the jumpers are fine, and that sweet clear LED is toast.

Practical Application of Good Manners

Should a styrofoam container implore that I do something, you had better believe that I’m typically going to be less than receptive. However, when I ran across a styrofoam container kindly urging me to have a nice day, I was humbled by its good-hearted nature.


Leaving a kind note in reply is good etiquette.

Russia to Send Spacecraft to Asteroid?

In a move that sounds a whole lot like the plot of Armageddon, Russia’s space chief has announced his agency will consider sending a spacecraft to a large asteroid to knock it off its path in order to prevent a possible collision with Earth. Sweet.

bang...zoom...to the asteroid
soyuz...the launch vehicle

At least it is comforting to know that a simple slug will do the job, and no nuclear bombs are needed. I have money on them botching this job. Am I just bitter that my undergrad satelitte exploded at launch over the former USSR??? Maybe.